Once upon a time..

A big fat beautiful cat named Willy was so lazy, the only thing he did was sleeping in front of the fireplace. Well almost.. Winter or Summer, it didn’t bother him at all. Apart from a well deserved snack at any time, and his responsibility to cherish his royal moustache, he was knocked out and while asleep he was hunting birds and juicy mice. In real life this was absolutely impossible of course because he was to fat and way to slow.

This story is about the weirdest dream he ever had. Suddenly his claws changed into webbed feet and he had a big crazy yellow beak. Surprisingly he couldn’t wait to go outside anymore and a bit funny he waddled into all kind of mysterious adventures. He is full of stories that are really hard to believe ever since this particular night and it’s very likely he forgot most of his adventures, this must be the reason they get crazier every time he try’s to snorts them to whoever is listening..

So let me warn you, do not believe everything you hear about a fair with the most beautiful carrousel with real living horses, or this gigantic goose who was in love with him and wanted to dance and celebrate full moon. Or this enchanted city, completely deserted without any living creature at all.

Just like Willy we choose our own reality so let’s enjoy and dream big .