Mind my mind

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Shortlist was not enough for an Oscar nomination. Nevertheless go see this movie, it’s a real winner on so many levels!
Feeling very proud and excited to be part of this film. Especially because the film has such an important message that translates so well.

When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you’re obsessed with German dive bombers and just want to date a girl.

Brief Synopsis

Chris, an autistic young man who camouflages his obsession with dive bombers, gets by with the help of Hans, the little guy who lives in his head and translates Chris’s social scripts for him. When zoologist Gwen invites Chris to meet her favorite chameleon, Chris and Hans move expeditiously ahead with a flirt script… but then the chameleon dies and Gwen needs Chris to go off script.



Mind My Mind is a film about how having a brain that is wired differently affects your social life, and particularly your love life. Flirting, sex and romantic relationships are very challenging for people with autism, as they are associated with thousands of unwritten rules and exceptions.

The idea for this film is a result of the director’s professional and personal experiences with people with different forms of autism.

Chris, the main character, deals with his social and emotional limitations together with Hans, a little guy who lives inside Chris’s head and who serves as an information processor. In his own unique way, Hans tries to help Chris survive the social jungle, with sensory overload as their mutual enemy.

Mind My Mind offers insight into the autistic mind: an abstract world for most people. The 2D hand-drawn animation, changing colour schemes, expressive lighting, dynamic pacing and original score add to this experience.

It is a hopeful and optimistic film that encourages people to be patient with each other. It reminds us that if you don’t judge too quickly, you might find something beautiful.

Watch the making of Mind My Mind on Vimeo:

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